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"blood pleasure" book

from tess duncan

blood pleasure is a story about self-destruction. here we are confronted with things we may not want to see, truths we may not want to hear. here is where our light and shadows meet, where we are asked to hold both at once. here is a reckoning with our relationship to pain. a study in wounding, healing, and what comes after.

~size: 5.5” x 8.5”
~length: 30 pages
~binding: 3 binder rings
~front and back cover: red translucent vellum
~contents: poems printed on newsprint paper, interlaced with images printed on sheets of translucent vellum

ships out within 14 days
edition of 40 

  $20 USD or more 



tess duncan Brooklyn, New York

i take photos to catalog things i don’t want to forget.

i write to process the things i can’t forget.

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